Upper Deck is not slowing the release schedule for its top-selling Yu-Gi- Oh! CCG brand in 2005, totalling eleven SKUs.  We've previously reported on the first quarter plans (see 'Upper Deck Releases CCG Info for Early 05'); Upper Deck has now released info on releases through the end of the year, at least in outline. 


Master Collection 2 is currently unscheduled, but slotted in first quarter in the Upper Deck release schedule.  Each Master Collection #2 will include one pack and one variant card from Pharaonic Guardian, Magician's Force, Dark Crisis, Invasion of Chaos, Ancient Sanctuary, and an Exclusive Pack.  Master Collection #1 will be released in December. 


A yet-to-be-named structure deck product will be released in May.


The Lost Millenium Booster Packs will be released in early June, Dark Beginning 2 is scheduled for August, an as-yet-unnamed booster and tins in September, Dark Revelation 2 in October, and a final booster release in November.  


Upper Deck has been giving heavy marketing support to its Yu-Gi-Oh! brand, including 450 gross rating points worth of TV advertising behind Soul of the Duelist in September, and the same volume of advertising behind its Tins this month.