UK company First 4 Figures will release a series of resin statues featuring characters from Magic:  The Gathering in May.  All of the statues will be based on characters from the Kamigawa block:  four from Champions of Kamigawa and one from Betrayers of Kamigawa.  The five statues will depict characters from the five different colors of magic. 


The statues will be approximately 10' tall, including the color coordinated bases, and will ship in individual color boxes.  They'll be numbered on the bases and come with certificates of authenticity.  Each statue will be limited to 5,000 pieces.  MSRP is $59.99.


Two additional waves of Kamigawa-based statues are planned.  The second wave will feature one character from Champions of Kamigawa, three from Betrayers, and one from Saviors of Kamigawa.  The third will feature one character from Betrayers of Kamigawa and four from Saviors of Kamigawa.    
This line is represented in the United States by Davis Marketing.