Rio Grande Games has announced that it has once again sold out of Carcassonne, the core product in its top family of games; a new printing will be available in late February.  According to the announcement, the stock-out on Carcassonne was due to unexpectedly high demand.  'Sales in the fourth quarter have exceeded expectations by such a degree that we have again run out of Carcassonne,' the company said.    Distributors may still have copies. 


New release Carcassonne:  The City has also been sold out, but additional copies of that title are expected soon. 


Rio Grande Games plans at least ten releases in Q1 2005, including Naval Battles, Heart of Africa, Caribbean, Niagara, Submarine, World War I, Shadow of the Empire, Around the World in 80 Days, Torres, and Tikal. 


Looking out beyond first quarter, three games are in the pipe:  Revolution, Power Grid Italy/France, and Gloria Munde, a new game by James Ernest and Mike Slinker in which Roman statesmen struggle to survive as the Empire declines.