A Paid Advertisement.  This March, White Wolf continues the smash success of the new World of Darkness with Werewolf: The Forsaken.  Customers came out in droves for Vampire: The Requiem and they'll return for this second game.


Get your store ready with White Wolf's Werewolf: The Forsaken Launch Packs.  They're available in three sizes and give you everything you need to bring in the sales: multiple copies of relevant books, a retail display, posters and many more promotional items.


- Werewolf Basic Launch Pack

WWP30901  1-58846-573-X  $259.92

6 WtF, 2 WoD, retail floor display, posters


- Werewolf Intermediate Launch Pack

WWP30902  1-58846-574-8  $519.84

12 WtF, 4 WoD, retail floor display, posters, T-shirts


- Werewolf Advanced Launch Pack

WWP30903  1-58846-575-6  $987.70

24 VtR, 8 WoD, retail floor display, posters, T-shirts, autographed editions and more!


All Werewolf: The Forsaken Launch Packs are available through your favorite hobby distributor.


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