Hasbro has announced its new B-Daman Game, which does for the ancient game of marbles what Beyblade did for spinning tops.  Like Beyblade, B-Daman is tied in with an anime series (vintage 2004), which ABC begin broadcasting in April.  The 52-episode B-Daman anime series is as closely allied with its related toy line (produced in Japan by Takara) as the Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh! or Zatch Bell series are with their respective product lines.  Like the Beyblade tops, the B-Daman toys can be customized to compete in the various kinds of B-Daman competitions, which stress different attributes such as power, rapid-fire speed, and accuracy.


Hasbro is targeting its B-Daman toy line at children from 8-12.  The B-Daman Ten Game Tournament Set ($19.99) includes an official tournament board, a B-Daman figure, scoring brackets and a game spinner so kids can determine which of the ten different B-Daman games they have to play to compete for the championship (just like the characters in the anime series).  Other skus include: customizable B-Daman Blasters  ($6.99) that allow players to launch their B-Daballs into battle; B-Daman DHB Figures ($9.99) that allow kids to compete in head-to-head Direct Hit Battles; and B-Daball Loader Packs ($2.99) that provide a rapid fire option for the B-Daman Blasters with 18 B-Daballs in a convenient loader that plugs right into the back of the B-Daman Blasters.