White Wolf has announced that it will release Iron Lore, a new variant player's handbook from Monte Cook's Malhavoc Press, in August.  The new book, written by Mike Mearls, will be a 'low fantasy, high action' title focusing on heroic combat action.  It will be 240 pages and will carry a $37.99 MSRP. 


Three related products are planned.  White Wolf will release Mastering Iron Lore (96 pages, $19.99) in October, and Monsters of Iron Lore (96 pages, $19.99) in January of 2006.  Both will also be written by Mearls. 


Fiery Dragon's Iron Lore Battle Box will street in November at $21.95.  The Battle Box will be a metal case with reference cards, charts, tokens, hero-counters, and more. 


POP materials, print ads, and a public relations campaign are planned in support of Iron Lore.