Nintendo of America has announced the May release of Pokemon TCG: EX Emerald, a 90-card expansion for long-running Pokemon Trading Card Game.  The EX Emerald expansion ties in with the recent release of the Pokemon Emerald video game for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance.  The EX Emerald expansion will be available in two 60-card theme decks, Pokemon TCG: EX Emerald Wildfire and Pokemon TCG: EX Emerald Hydrobloom (msrp $10.99 each), as well as in nine-card EX-Emerald Booster Packs (msrp $3.29).


The EX Emerald expansion contains over 90 new cards, including holographic basic energy cards, new Trainer cards, new Pokemon-ex cards including Regice, Regirock and Registeel as well as a new form of the popular Deoxys.  Each booster pack will include 5 common, two uncommon, one rare, and one holographic parallel or holographic basic Energy card.  The 60-card theme decks include one holographic card and come with a card list, a game coin, damage counters, an updated rulebook and a one-player playmat.