WizKids created the 'collectible miniatures game' (CMG) with Mage Knight: Rebellion, the most innovative and popular new game release of the past year (see 'December Product of the Month').  While almost everything 'Mage Knight' has sold well, the three large dragon figures that WizKids has released this year have been exceptional performers.  Like the other three dragons in the series (see 'Great Fire Dragon' and 'Venomous Shadow Dragon'), The Radiant Light Dragon will be a limited edition figure.  It will also be the last dragon figure that Wiz Kids will release until the second half of 2002, which should help ratchet up demand.  WizKids will be very busy in the first half of the year readying its DC Heroes CMG, a science fiction/mecha-based Battletech CMG, and its licensed Marvel Superheroes CMG, so there won't be an opportunity to continue the line of large Mage Knight figures until the second half of 2002.


The Radiant Light Dragon is designed for use in the large Mage Knight armies.  The Dragon is allied with the Elemental League, and can be employed as either a young, adult, or ancient Radiant Dragon.  The Radiant Light Dragon has large base with four patented, combat dials that make for easy game play.  The Dragon comes packed in a classy display package that includes rules specific to this Dragon, and a 1 point value sticker for the bottom of the combat-dial base.  The limited edition figure carries an SRP of $24.95 and is due out in December.