The Topps Company has announced that the edgy, irreverent Dozens CCG created by the Wayans Brothers and based on ancestor-insulting games popular in urban neighborhoods will ship to the Blockbuster Video chain first.  Blockbuster will have an exclusive on the game, in which players match 'Yo Mama' jokes, from June 1st to July 31st.  In August, distribution will go nationwide including major retail outlets, convenience stores, specialty chains and hobby shops.


The game features 150 joke cards (with full color illustrations) such as, 'Yo Mama's so dumb she sold her car for gas money,' with power rankings from one to twelve.  Players can compete on the basis of the power ratings, or by having an audience decide which string of insults is the best.  The Dozens CCG cards are available in foil packs, which contain five cards, one sticker, rules and a stick of gum.  Suggested retail price per pack is $1.99 (see 'Topps Schedules Wayans CCG Project').