Comic Images has picked up the license for a collectible card game based on the popular science fiction film and television property Stargate.  Stargate has developed a strong following over the years and the two Stargate TV series--Stargate SG-1 (now in its 10th season) and Stargate Atlantis (in its second)--have become mainstays on the Sci-Fi Network. Genio originally acquired the Stargate SG-1 CCG license in 2004 (see 'Genio to Issue Stargate CCG') and planned to release the game in the spring of 2005, but Genio went under earlier this year in a sea of returns (see 'Genio Shuts Down').  Comic Images now has the license and plans to start from scratch and create a totally new and original Stargate CCG, which should be unveiled at Gen Con Indy 2006.


Meanwhile Comic Images has two other strong CCG properties that should hit the market before Stargate.  Comic Images is hoping to get its Conan CCG (see 'Conan Collectible Card Game') out in time for GenCon SoCal (Nov. 17-20) in Anaheim, and plans to issue its Godzilla CCG (see 'Godzilla CCG & Trading Cards') in early 2006.