Wizards of the Coast has shared some of its 2006 plans for its franchise roleplaying game property, Dungeons & Dragons, with ICv2.  In January, WotC will release the Players Guide to Eberron at $29.95, which will contain everything a player might need to know, including the history of the setting and the world.  It will explore the politics between the different houses, and add new feats and prestige classics.  Players Guide to Eberron will be written by James Wyatt with Keith Baker and Luke Johnson. 


In February, Future Techs, a supplement for D20 Modern, will be released as a $34.95 hardcover.  It will include new gear options for d20 Modern characters, plus new vehicles and starships.  It will be written by J.D. Wiker.


April will see the Complete Psionic, a $29.95 hardcover.  It  will be the next in the 'Complete' series, which includes Complete Adventurer, Warrior, Divine, and Arcane, and will include content similar to other books in the Complete series.     


WotC plans to announce its full line-up of board games from Avalon Hill in early January.  The five releases in 2005 have been the most since Hasbro acquired the company in 1998, and another full lineup is planned for 2006.  WotC is hoping to take advantage of the burgeoning interest in board games; their research shows that more people have played board games in the previous twelve months than have played videogames.  Although no 06 titles have been released, WotC did state that one of the 2006 games will be a reprint of a highly sought after title from the old school Avalon Hill line.