Mongoose has scheduled the first four releases for its RuneQuest roleplaying game (see 'Mongoose to Release Runequest RPG') for July.  In addition to the RuneQuest core rulebook, two other paper releases are planned, along with a boxed miniatures set. 


Glorantha, a core setting book written by Robin Laws, will be a 160-page full color hardcover.  The setting is a classic RuneQuest setting revisited for use with the new RPG system.  MSRP will be $29.95.


Mongoose will also release a RuneQuest Game Masters Screen, created by Matthew Sprange and Laws, at $9.95. 


Mongoose is also launching a line of miniatures for use with RuneQuest.  The first product is a Broo Raiders, a boxed set of 30mm metal miniatures, sculpted by Daniel Pacey.  Broo Raiders are twisted hybrids of men and hoofed animals (deer, antelopes, and goats), who engage in foul practices such as rubbing dung into their fur and worshipping the gods of disease.  No word on whether the set will ship with dung for fur-rubbing.