After twenty years in the gaming business FASA is closing up shop.  According to founder Morton Weisman, FASA will continue to ship orders until April 30th, 2001.  FASA is selling its BattleTech and Shadowrun properties to WizKids L.L.C.  Wizkids founder, Morton's son Jordan Weisman, was also a key designer for FASA.


During its two decade run FASA expanded fantasy roleplaying into the realm of science fiction with its BattleTech game, which, with its heavy influence from anime, proved to be way ahead of its time.  FASA also pioneered in game simulation centers, a concept whose time will certainly come at some point.


For gaming retailers FASA's demise means at least a temporary loss of what had become a dwindling product line.  Wizkids has its hands full with its white hot Mage Knight game (see 'December Product of the Month' and 'Mage Knight Expansion Packs...'), and it appears unlikely that they will be able to devote much attention to the FASA properties for while.  However, the prospect of a science fiction miniature warplaying game in the Mage Knight format appears likely.