Guardians of Order president Mark MacKinnon, in a post on the company Website, has announced that upcoming GoO products will be released by another company as a result of GoO's liquidation (see 'R.I.P. Guardians of Order').  BESM Third Edition, according to the post, is finished and ready for press, with another company planning to publish it and provide future support.  MacKinnon said of the book, 'It's the most elegant version of BESM and the Tri-Stat System that I have put together....'


Advanced d20 Magic orders will be shipped this month.  As far as the rest of the GoO line, 'We are arranging for our products to be transferred to another company,' MacKinnon said.


GoO is attempting to find a home for the Game of Thrones RPG, which George R. R. Martin would have to approve.  MacKinnon said that he was sorry that Martin had broken the news of the company's liquidation in a post on his Website, calling the conversation that Martin recounted 'in confidence.' 


In addition to the soft RPG market as a cause for the company's demise, MacKinnon cited the shifting U.S./Canada exchange rate and his own performance as CEO.  'Running the company when things were peachy was easy, but I faltered when the going got tough,' he said.  'I failed, and I'm sorry I couldn't do better.'