UltraPro has acquired the rights to produce card protection supplies featuring the Magic:  The Gathering brand from Wizards of the Coast. Among the products UltraPro plans are the only Magic-approved card sleeves for Magic:  The Gathering Tournaments.  Local tournament judges and officials will ultimately determine whether the sleeves will be required for their events, but UltraPro is hoping that the new sleeves will become widely used at Magic tournaments.  The Tournament Sleeves will be released in October. 


In November, UltraPro will release three additional types of card protection carrying the Magic brand.  UltraPro M:TG deck protectors, deck boxes (or vaults, as UltraPro calls them), and card portfolios are all planned.


UltraPro has previously produced card protection supplies with the Pokemon brand; carrying famous fantasy illustrator art; and recently acquired an NBA license.