Hidden City Games has released its Bella Sara CCG this week in mass market channels including nationwide distribution by Blockbuster, K-Mart, Toys R' Us, and Wal-Mart and regional availability in 7-11, Jewel, Osco, Safeway, and Kroger stores.  Targeting girls from 5-12, the Bella Sara CCG includes an important virtual component -- the cards contain codes that girls can use to access horses on the Bella Sara Website for grooming, dressage, and exploring (see 'Hidden City Gets 'Bella Sara').


Hidden City is releasing its first 45-card series of Bella Sara cards in five-card blister packs that retail for $1.99 (see 'Bella Sara to Launch With Blister Product').  Given the demographic divide between the potential Bella Sera consumer (girls from 5-12) and the typical hobby gamer, Hidden City Games is making its Bella Sara CCG a mass-market only product.