CCP hf of Reykjavik, Iceland and White Wolf Publishing, Inc., of Stone Mountain, Georgia, will merge; White Wolf will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of CCP.  White Wolf CEO Mike Tinney will run the White Wolf subsidiary; CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson will run the combined companies. 


The combined entity will have a significant presence in both the MMORPG and tabletop gaming businesses.  CCP's Eve Online is a top 10 MMORPG (according to the Website).  CCP has also just entered the CCG business with its Eve: The Second Genesis CCG.


White Wolf has the #2 RPG universe with its World of Darkness line, as well as Exalted and a presence in licensed and d20 games; it also produces the Vampire:  The Eternal Struggle CCG, and is making moves into the board game market.   


Cross-fertilization of the two companies' IPs and game platforms is planned.  White Wolf will create paper products based on Eve Online, including strategy guides, 'enhanced'  CCGs, 'role-playing systems,' and novels.  And World of Darkness is headed online; work has already begun on creating an online game based on the property. 


This transaction cements the ongoing merging of electronic and tabletop gaming in the marketplace, the most dramatic trend of 2006.