Games Expo has announced its line-up of exhibitors, and for a first-year show, it's an impressive list.  Exhibitors will announce new products and programs for 2007, and many will hold demonstrations of current and upcoming releases. Games Expo will be held March 18th-22nd in Las Vegas, a month before the GAMA Trade Show (April 23-27) which is also being held in Las Vegas (see 'New Game Show Goes Head to Head with GAMA in '07').


Exhibitors include:
3 AM Games
3 Sages Games
Aberrant Games
ACD Distribution
Acrylicos Vallejo
Ad Astra Games
Alderac Entertainment Group
Alliance Game Distributors
Anthony Innovations
APBA International, Inc.
Aristoplay / Talicor
Avatar Games
Bandai America
Battlefront Miniatures
Birdcage Press
Blue Orange Games
Brookhurst Hobbies
CCP Games (with PSI)
Cheapass Games (with Paizo Publishing)
Cloud Kingdom Games
Condit Exhibits
Credit Collective
Crystal Caste Dice
CSE Games (with SportFX)
Dad's Ink Ltd
Decision Games
Diamond Comic Distributors
Dork Storm Press (with PSI)
Doublestar LLC (Cogno)
Dream Pod 9 Inc.
Eden Studios (w/PSI)
Educational Insights
Face 2 Face Games
Family Games Inc.
Fantasy Productions USA aka FanPro
Final Sword Productions
Front Porch Classics
Fuller Flippers, LLC
Funmaker Games
Gale Force 9
Game Publishers Association (half dozen+ companies)
Games Quarterly
Gen Con LLC
GHQ Microarmor
Gorilla Games
GT Squared Fun & Games
HL Games LTD
Harry Wells & Associates
Hidden City Games, LLC
Imagination Games
Indie Press Revolution
Inner City Games Designs (with GPA)
Innovention Toys, LLC
JR Miniatures
Karmel Games
Kelmar Games

Key 20, Representing (some tentative): Lost Adept Distractions, Burning Wheel, Khepera Publishing , 1% Inspiration Games, Abstract Nova Entertainment, Adept Press, Aethereal Forge, Arcadiam Games ,Atarashi Games, Blood & Cardstock Games, Bottled Imp Games, Clockworks Games ,ComStar Media, Corone Design, Crucifiction Games, Cutters Guild Games, Dark City Games, Dark Quest Games, Digital Alchemy Dinnergames, Dust Bunny Games, Erisian Entertainment, Eye Level Entertainment ,Fat Dragon Games, Firestorm, Ink Fun Factory Games, Hamsterprophet Productions, Hinterwelt Enterprises, Insomnium Games, Linya Company, Momentum Force Game Systems, Neo Productions, Oilfield's Politically Incorrect Games, Ramshead Publishing, Roll'em Show'em Seaborn Games, Six Generations Publishing, Steampower Publishing, Tremorworks, LLC, Victory By Any Means Games, Warpstone

Koplow Games
Learning Advantage
Live Oak Games
Lone Wolf Development
Looney Labs
M. Weis Productions (w/PSI)
Magic Lamp Enterprises
Magique Productions, Ltd
Matrix Games
Matthews Simmons Marketing
Mayfair Games
McNeil Designs for Brighter Minds
McWiz Games
MeiJia International Co. Ltd
Mongoose Publishing
National Games Week
Odysee Games Ltd
On the Line
Paizo Publishing LLC
Patch Products, Inc.
Playroom Entertainment
Pokemon USA
Pressman Toy Company
Privateer Press
ProFantasy Software Ltd
Publisher Services Inc. aka PSI
R&R Games
Real Deal Games
Reaper Miniatures
Red Juggernaut Games
Red Neck Life (Gut Bustin Games)
Reno Puzzle Company
Rio Grande Games
Sabertooth Games
Set Enterprises
Shadowstar Games Inc.
Shifting Skies Games
Sovereign Press (with PSI)
Spiel Players Association News Chronicals (SPANC)
SportFX / CSE Games
Spy Alley Partners
Square Root
Steve Jackson Games (w/PSI)
Sunriver Games
TableStar Games
Talicor / Aristoplay
Tenacious Games
Titanic Games (with Paizo Publishing)
U.S. Game Systems
Under the Moon
University Games
Upper Deck Entertainment
Veritas Games Company
Warzone Entertainment
The Weekend Farmer
White Wolf Game Studfio (with PSI)
Wizards of the Coast
Wizkids Games Inc.
Worldwise Imports
Your Move Games (with SPANC)
Zipwhaa Inc.
Zygote Games LLC