X-Plus USA, a domestic company that has a worldwide license for classic resin Godzilla statues from Toho Co. Ltd., debuted its latest kaiju offering at the recently concluded New York Toy Fair.  The Mothra figure was sculpted in Japan and manufactured in Hong Kong.  The solid cold cast resin statue comes pre-painted and includes a sculpted base.  The edition is limited to 1000 and the figure has a suggested retail price of $150.


The figure of Mothra is taken from the 1964 film, Mothra vs. Godzilla, and it is part of the new Godzilla series that X-Plus USA is releasing in 2002.  Planned for 2002 are: Gigan (1972), Godzilla (1964), Godzilla (1962), Rodan (1966), Megalon (1973), Minilla (1968), Baragon (1968), and Varan (1968). The year that accompanies each of the statues indicates the vintage of the figure's design. 


Although they weren't quite as prevalent as Bobble Head Dolls (see 'Toy Fair Trends'), resin figures and statues were more abundant than ever at this year's fair.  This reflects an increasing interest in the collector's market among those companies that exhibit at Toy Fair, since few kids or casual consumers would pull the trigger on a high-ticket resin purchase.  Certainly, there are plenty of Godzilla collectors out there, and X-Plus USA has an ambitious plan to provide licensed, high-level resin sculpts of all the classic Kaiju characters.