Mezco Toys, the collector-oriented toy company responsible for Reservoir Dogs and Austin Powers action figures, has just signed a license to produce 18-inch and under articulated figures of the Osbourne family.  The Osbournes, the subjects of an extremely popular 'documentary' series on MTV, have signed for a second season of shows so the family should continue to be in the spotlight.  Paterfamilias Ozzy Osbourne is on the last leg of a long career as a heavy metal front man, which typically involved such stunts as biting the heads off bats.  Ironically he has garnered a much wider fame and notoriety in his role in Osbournes documentary, where he appears to be a profane but likeable victim of decades of drugs and alcohol abuse, than he ever did in his critter-chomping stage performances.  With trading cards from Inkworks (see 'Osbournes Trading Cards From Inkworks') and now a toy series from Mezco, retailers have several ways to profit if the popularity of the second season of The Osbournes even comes close to its boffo first series.


The first series of Osbourne figures, which should be out by the end of the year, consists of six 6.5-inch articulated figures including: Sharon, Jack, Militant Jack, Kelly, Ozzy, and Showtime Ozzy.  Each figure comes with a voice-recorded sound, personalized accessories, and each family member's favorite pet.