Moore Creations, which specializes in creating collector-oriented toys, has just announced three new characters that are slated for the company's second series of figures based on the WB television series, Angel.  The three new characters who will have figures included in Series II are: Wesley Wyndham-Price, who was originally appointed as Buffy's  second watcher, but who is now working with Angel and Cordelia at Angel Investigations; Darla, Angel's vampire mother, who seek vengeance against her ungrateful offspring: and Lorne, better known as the green, horned demon, who is generally referred to as 'The Host.' 


Angel, of course, is the spin-off of the highly popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.  Like Buffy, Angel has its own comic series from Dark Horse Comics as well as action figures from Moore Creations, who have also created a highly popular line of figures based on the Buffy series.  In addition to action figures, Moore Creations has also produced Christmas ornaments, statues, and busts featuring Angel and the other characters from the Angel television series.