The Sci Fi Channel has announced that it will air the third season of the new Doctor Who series starting in July.  Thanks to superior writing from Russell Davies the third season of the revived Doctor, which stars David Tennant as the tenth incarnation of the Time Lord and Freema Agyeman as his comely sidekick, has been a huge hit in the U.K. where it has been averaging over 8 million viewers per episode (see 'Doctor Who Season 3 Going Strong').  The first two seasons of Doctor Who haven't done quite that well on the Sci Fi Channel where episodes have averaged 1 million viewers a week, but that performance was still strong enough to induce the cable network to acquire the third season.


Sci Fi will launch the new wave of Whovian diversions with the Christmas Special, 'The Runaway Bride,' which stars the award-winning comedienne Catherine Tate and will be followed by the first 3rd season episode, 'Smith and Jones.'  During the third season the good Doctor will encounter Will Shakespeare, blood-sucking Plasmavores, and discover a Dalek conspiracy in 1930s New York.