Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki told the Mainichi Daily News that he is currently supervising a second Afro Samurai series, which will air on Spike TV in 2008.  In the sequel Afro forsakes killing for a time until he awakens to his destiny to be the 'world's number 1 warrior' and battles a new enemy, a seductive female warrior.


The original five-episode Afro Samurai anime miniseries, which debuted on DVD in May in two versions, is the best-selling anime DVD release of 2007 (at least through the first three quarters of the year).  The week of its release Afro Samurai reached #6 on the 'TV on DVD' portion of Nielsen's Videoscan survey.  The Afro Samurai miniseries has been broadcast in Japan (on WOWWOW), on Adult Swim in the U.K. and on MTV in Australia.  An Afro Samurai videogame for the XBox 360 is due out in December.