According to The Hollywood Reporter Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is writing a new animated series based on the character of Cleveland Brown, who in spite of being especially prone to bathtub accidents, is the most "normal" of Peter Griffin's buddies on the popular Sunday night ABC cartoon series.  MacFarlane is collaborating with Mike Henry, who voices Cleveland on the Family Guy and will function as a writer/producer on the new show, and with Simpsons alumni Rich Appel, who is also helping write the spin-off series. 


If it gets picked up, the new series, which has been named Cleveland, would be the first primetime network cartoon series with an eponymous African-American hero.  Fox TV, which is looking for more cartoon fodder for its Sunday night lineup, has at least three other cartoon series in development including Relative Insanity, which is being produced by Jack Black, Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser's Mothballs, and The Pitts from Mike Scully (The Simpsons).