According to the Anime News Network, Gerard Way, lead singer for My Chemical Romance and author of Eisner Award-winning The Umbrella Academy comic from Dark Horse, has written a song, “Safe and Sound,” that will be the ending theme for the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Edition, which is being released on Blu-ray in Japan in April (see “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Blu-ray”).

According to ANN, Kyosuke Himuro, who wrote “Calling,” the original end theme that shipped with earlier versions of the popular 2005 anime feature, is the lead vocalist on “Safe and Sound,” which he co-produced with Way.

The new version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which was the #1 anime release of 2006 in North America (see “1.4 Million Final Fantasy DVDs”), will contain 30 minutes of additional footage as well as the ending theme song written by Way.  Given the enormous success that the various iterations of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children have achieved in the U.S. market, it is likely that Sony will release the Complete Edition on Blu-ray sometime later this year.