The geographic impact of Comic-Con on San Diego continues to expand, with more surfaces covered with advertising every year.  This year, the show is also moving many events out of the convention center to make more room, with warehouses and other empty building rented as locations for press events and other purposes.  

The use of alternate venues is an important part of the show’s strategy for dealing with the limited space in the Convention Center, and it seems to be having an impact on the space available for events in the Center itself.  

This strategy is one element of the city’s efforts to keep the show in San Diego.  Rumor has it that an announcement regarding the organization’s decision on whether or not to move the show will be made on Sunday.  

Here are a few of the convention-related sights around the Convention Center:

Scott Pilgrim wrap on the Hilton Bayfront (“Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic-Con”).

Skyline wrap at the Marriott.

True Blood elevator wrap at the Hilton

An Elephantman pedicab.

Mobile billboard for Piranha 3-D—“Too Hot for Comic-Con.”

Dexter bus.

Tron sponsored the banners around downtown.

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