Friday the 13th proved to be especially unlucky for the rebooted science fiction series V. After a strong start in November of 2009 (see “'V' Blows the Doors Off”), the re-imagined 1980s alien invasion series suffered a ratings drop before the show managed to stabilize its Neilsens. 

After its debut as a mid-season replackement, V was renewed in May of 2010 (see “V & Chuck Renewed”) for 13 episodes, but the second season didn’t start on ABC until January 4th.  While ratings remained modest during the past TV season, the show did find a strong creative direction and longtime fans cheered the return of Jane Badler, who played the alien leader in the 1980s series.

V’s troubles are symptomatic of the skittishness of the networks when it comes to dramatic TV series.  Unless a series establishes itself quickly it is likely to receive the kind of half-hearted, half-season endorsement that ABC gave V.  With eight months between the broadcast of the last episode of the first season and the first episode of the second season, it’s little wonder that a series struggles.  Although it technically lasted for two "seasons," ABC only aired 22 episodes of V.

Hardcore supporters of the show have begun a fan campaign dubbed “Project Alice” to get Warner Bros. TV to shop the series to another network.