When NBC decided to pass on David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman series, it was only a matter of time until a photo surfaced showing Adrianne Palicki in the most abbreviated form of her costume. The first costume design photos released by Warner Bros. showed Palicki in shiny blue disco pants and unleashed a firestorm of online criticism (see “A First Glimpse of the New Wonder Woman Costume”), which must have had some effect on the studio since photos from the actual shooting of the pilot showed Palicki in very different looking costume (see “Warners Tweaks Wonder Woman Costume”), and eventually the head of NBC came out and said that Wonder Woman would have a third costume similar to the “little shorts” worn by Lynda Carter in the original Wonder Woman TV series (see “New Wonder Woman Will Have Three Costumes”).

Now at last a photo of Palicki in her “shorts” costume has been shown online at the Wonder Woman TV site. Viewing this latest costume only makes it more difficult to come to terms with NBC’s decision to pass on the new Wonder Woman, but keep the low-rated Harry’s Law series featuring Kathy Bates (see “NBC Dumps Wonder Woman”). Surely this sexy costume demonstrates the fundamental dichotomy that NBC just couldn’t get its collective head around—Wonder Woman is on the one hand, an empowering feminist icon action hero, and on the other a sex symbol that seems to appeal primarily to men. This confusion about the target audience for the new Wonder Woman series was at the heart of NBC’s dilemma.  As NBC Robert Greenblatt put it, he liked the pilot, but he just couldn't see how it fit in with the other shows on the network's schedule (see “Is Wonder Woman Cursed?”).