The new issue of the U.K.-based Total Film magazine contains a feature on James Mangold’s The Wolverine, which is slated to open on July 29th.  The coverage includes an interview with Mangold in which the director talks in some detail about the Chris Claremount story arc that provides the basis for the film.  Accompanying the article are some of the most evocative stills yet released from the film including this classic shot of Hugh Jackman with a wary look of determination and a pair of bloodied adamantium claws.

With the opening of The Wolverine now just over four months away the publicity barrage is just beginning.  In addition to the Total Film stills put online by Film, there was an earlier release of HD stills (see "New HD Stills from 'Wolverine' and 'IM3'").  The first teaser trailer is due in theaters (and online) before the end of March.  Does The Wolverine have a chance to be most successful superhero movie of the summer?