Mayfair Games has acquired a controlling interest in German game company Lookout Games, which produced the hit Agricola, Le Havre, and other games.  Lookout was formed in 2000 by Agricola designer Uwe Rosenberg, Hanno Girke, and Marcel-Andre Casasola Merkle. 
Mayfair will begin handling worldwide distribution of Lookout games with new releases, including Caverna: The Cave Farmers (from the designer of Agricola, see "Mayfair to Distribute 'Caverna'"), Bremerhaven (see "Lookout Games' 'Bremerhaven'") and Karnickel  see "'Karnickel'").  Distribution of existing Lookout titles such as Agricola, currently sold in the U.S. by Z-Man Games, will be taken over by Mayfair as existing agreements expire. 
Game development through prepress will continue to be handled by the Lookout staff, while Mayfair will handle sales, distribution, and marketing for Lookout products.