Image Comics had the #2 share of the book channel graphic novel market for 2014, publisher Eric Stephenson announced at Image Expo in San Francisco today.  He displayed (and Image tweeted) a chart based on BookScan numbers showing DC with a 20.64% share of that market, and Image with a 16.48% share.  Marvel came in third at 12.37%.

With a few caveats (BookScan does not represent 100% of the book market, and it’s not clear if Image’s numbers include kids graphic novels, which had a big year in 2014), here are the 2014 market shares for the book channel graphic novel market presented by Image:

20.64%    DC Comics
16.48%    Image Comics
12.37%    Marvel Comics
  9.49%    VIZ Media
  9.59%    Random House
  6.05%    DK Publishing
  5.90%    Hachette
  5.17%    Dark Horse Comics
  3.06%    Taschen
  2.59%    St. Martin’s Press

Image has two major graphic novel hits, one, The Walking Dead, of unprecedented proportions, and Saga, the other, a significant presence among the top titles month after month.  

Image’s market share hit double digits in the comic store market in December (see "Image Share Hits Double Digits").