Mixed Martial Arts fighter and actress Gina Carano is joining the cast of Fox’s Deadpool movie that Tim Miller is directing for a February 12, 2016 release.  Carano will play Angel Dust, a character originally created in 2002 for his Morlocks series by Geoff Johns, who is now Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics.  Carano is joining a cast headed by Ryan Reynolds (see "Reynolds to Star in 'Deadpool' Film").

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Colossus, a character who is much more familiar to X-Men fans, will also appear in the new Deadpool film, though it is not known if Daniel Cudmore, who has portrayed Colossus in several films, will reprise his role as the Russian mutant in the new Deadpool film, which is expected to start filming in Vancouver next month.

Silicon Valley actor T.J. Miller, who, because of his experience with comedy, was one of the actors originally considered for the role of Deadpool, has signed on for an as-yet-undisclosed role to supply some comic relief if the Merc with a Mouth’s quips aren’t quite enough.