At the opening of ComicCon International in San Diego Comic Images announced the acquisition of the license to create numerous products based on the Dreamworks film, Shrek II.  The computer-animated Shrek II is slated for release during the summer of 2004.  Comic Images will produce Shrek II trading cards and a special collector's binder along with numerous other licensed products including a Shrek II Gumball Machine, Shrek II Bobblehead Dolls, and Shrek II Bobble Pens.


Like the original Shrek film, which earned over $262 million in its first release (and even more on video), Shrek II will feature the vocal talents of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, and Eddie Murphy.  A fairytale spoof that mercilessly satirized the Disney cartoon universe, the original Shrek  was a surprise smash that firmly established Dreamworks as a major player in animation. Naturally the studio is pulling out all the stops to try and make certain that the second Shrek film will continue and even expand its most important animated franchise.  Given the enormous success of the original film, retailers can expect to see more advertising, more promotions, and more merchandise for Shrek II.