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CoolMiniOrNot has announced Blood Rage, a new Viking apocalypse-themed board game designed by Eric Lang (XCOM, Marvel Dice Masters, Arcadia Quest), for trade release in late Q3/Q4.  The game is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Blood Rage is designed by Eric M. Lang for Guillotine Games (Zombicide), with highly detailed miniatures from Mike McVey, and art from well-known Games Workshop and Magic: The Gathering illustrator Adrian Smith.

Players control Viking clans (which consist of a leader, warriors, and a ship) which each have unique "Gods’ Gifts" to aide them.  Ragnarok has come, and the goal is to go down in blaze of glory to secure a place in Valhalla at Odin’s side.  This can be done by invading and pillaging lands, defeating opponents in epic battles, fulfilling quests, or dying gloriously in battle. Cards are drafted at the beginning of each of three rounds (Ages), which dictate players’ strategy and divine alignment. Dying in battle may be a player’s ultimate goal, and even losing a battle may be worth more "glory" points than staying out of it altogether.  After each round, a player’s dead warriors return from Valhalla to play for the next Age.  The player with the most "glory" at the end of three rounds wins.

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The box contains 46 pre-assembled miniatures, 52 colored plastic bases, 99 cards, 4 clan sheets, 36 cardboard tokens, 4 plastic glory markers, 2 support sheets a game board and a rulebook.  MSRP is $79.99.

The abbreviated 15 day Kickstarter campaign reached its $50,000 funding goal in 3 minutes.  The game has currently raised $232,001 from 3,184 backers ($72.86/backer average) as of this writing.  The project will be funded on March 17, with backer fulfillment planned for September.