Twilight Creations has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the U.S. hobby channel with Alliance Game Distributors, the companies announced today.  Twilight Creations is best known for its Zombies!!! line, for which it recently announced a PG version (see "'Zombies!!! PG Edition' and 'Humans!!!: Camp Zombie Lake'").

Twilight Creations owner Kerry Breitenstein laid out her reasons for the move.  "We’ve worked with Alliance for years, and believe that their marketing, sales, and logistics services are exactly what Twilight Creations needs to service the retailers and consumers of our products," she said.  "This will give us the flexibility to focus on what we do best--creating new and quality products for our fans."

Twilight Creations was founded by Todd Breitenstein and his wife Kerry in 2002.  Todd passed away in 2013 (see "R.I.P. Todd Breitenstein").

Alliance currently has exclusives on WizKids, Mayfair Games, Z-Man, Days of Wonder, and Cryptozoic Entertainment games (see "Diamond-Alliance Gets Cryptozoic Exclusive"), among others.