Enterplay will release the Pre-Release Kit for Absolute Discord, the fourth set for its My Little Pony CCG, on April 24, followed by the Absolute Discord Theme Decks and Boosters on May 8.

Enterplay announced plans to start utilizing pre-release sets with this expansion last summer (see "Upcoming 'MLP CCG' Releases and OP Update").  The 12-player Pre-Release Kit will include 84 booster packs (6 per player plus 12 for prizes), 12 Special Foil Cards (#Pf2
"Rainbow Dash’s Rainbow Crash"), 12 Collectible Absolute Discord Buttons, 12 Special Score Counters, 2 Special Foil Cards for prizes (#Pf3 "Lord Tirek"), 1 Absolute Discord prize playmat, 2 posters, and 2 "Chaos Rules!" t-shirts.  Pre-release events will be held the weekend of April 24-26, and stores must agree to Enterplay’s pre-release policies.

The Absolute Discord Theme Deck includes 59 collectible cards, including 1 non-foil Mane Character card, an exclusive foil card, a rules booklet, playmat and action tokens.

The Absolute Discord Booster set includes more than 200 cards.  Each pack will include 12 cards (8 common, 3 uncommon, 1 rare), with foil cards appearing in approximately 1:4 packs, and ultra rares inserted in approximately 1:11 packs.

Season 5 of the popular animated show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will premiere on April 4 on Discovery Family.