At the GAMA Trade Show, Renegade Game Studios and Steve Jackson Games announced a licensing partnership to produce collectible trading cards, dog tags and Treasure Packs based on SJG’s Munchkin.

The first release will be Munchkin Trading Cards, which will include a base set, hand-drawn sketch cards, stickers, autograph cards, and playtest cards that can be added to the Munchkin card game.  Each box will include 24 packs, and each box (on average) should include at least one sketch card or autograph card.  Special inserts, redemptions, guest artist cards and more will be announced in the coming months.  Release is planned for Fall 2015.

"We are really excited to be working with the folks at Steve Jackson Games on this," said Renegade Game Studio President Scott Gaeta.  "Munchkin has a phenomenal fan following and we’re honored to be a part of its community."

Gaeta is former COO of Cryptozoic Entertainment; he left the company last summer to form Renegade (see "Crypto Vet Forms Renegade Games").