BOOM! Studios will launch a four issue Over the Garden Wall comic miniseries in August.  Over the Garden Wall, created by Adventure Time writer Patrick McHale, was Cartoon Network’s first original miniseries; ten episodes aired last fall.  BOOM! published a one-shot when the show aired that’s hard to find (one $50 CGC 9.2 copy on eBay), and the creative team returns with a longer story.

The comics are written by McHale, with art by Jim Campbell.  Cover artists include Campbell on the main cover, a Subscription Cover by Steve Wolfhard, a BOOM! 10 Years Variant Cover by Jeffrey Brown, and an incentive cover by McHale.

The story takes place between episode #3 and #4 of the animated series , with Wirt and Greg coming upon two girls playing, and trying to keep them entertained so they don’t wake their giant father.  

Check out the gallery below for the other three covers.