Cryptozoic Entertainment will release an Attack on Titan board game, designed by Antoine Bauza and Ludovic Maublanc, in the U.S. in 2016. 

Bauza and Maublanc have collaborated on Asmodee’s Rampage (recently retitled Terror in Meeple City, see “Asmodee Revamps Two Titles”), but also have extensive individual design credits.  Bauza is probably best known for Kennerspiel des Jahres winner 7 Wonders and Spiel des Jahres winner Hanabi.  Maublanc’s Cash ‘n’ Guns (from Asmodee) was nominated for an Origins Award this year. 

A new mechanic is introduced in the game, in which the Titan piece (played by one player) is a vertical element and the hero game pieces (played by the other players) climb it to try to take it down.  

The game will be produced via a collaboration between Cryptozoic and France-based Don’t Panic Games.  Don’t Panic was formed in 2013 and is producing its first tabletop board game, Drakerys, which was funded last summer via Kickstarter ($180,318 from 758 backers). 

The game is being demoed at Anime Expo in Los Angeles and Japan Expo in Paris, both this weekend.

Attack on Titan is a hit manga (see “Top Manga Franchises—Fall/Holidays 2014”) and anime, and has been increasingly present in merchandise in North America.  A Weiss Schwarz Attack on Titan expansion from Bushiroad (see “Bushiroad Reveals ‘Attack on Titan’ Details”) streeted today .

A live action film is due out later this summer (see “Subtitled Live-Action ‘Attack on Titan’ Trailer”).