From the Left-Greg Grunberg, Lucas Turnbloom (hat), & Scholastic Editor David Saylor
Comic-Con News:  At the San Diego Comic-Con Scholastic Books announced the June 2016 publication of Dream Jumper: Nightmare Escape, the first book in a new series of full color graphic novels written by actor Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Felicity) and artist Lucas Turnbloom (Imagine THIS), with Turnbloom illustrating the series.  The Dream Jumper graphic novels are aimed at kids from 8-12 and follow the adventures of Ben, a kid who discovers he can jump into other people’s dreams.

Grunberg, who has 1.4 million followers on Twitter, explained the genesis of the series at the Scholastic Comic-Con event: “I’m in Star Wars this year, and I couldn’t care less about that. This is so much more exciting. This started out as a nightmare that one of my boys was having, and in consoling him, I kinda came up with this idea because he had a nightmare.  I asked him ‘What was the nightmare about?’ and he said ‘I’m going through so many nightmares, I’m jumping in and out of my friends’ nightmares and helping them through their nightmares.’  I said ‘Wow! Don’t move! I have to get my computer!’”

Scholastic has scheduled the release of the first volume in the series, Dream Jumper: Nightmare Escape for June 28, 2016.