Mayfair Games has announced new English  printings of four classic card games from German publisher Amigo Spiel: Saboteur, Saboteur 2, 6 Nimmt!, and  No Thanks!. Mayfair is now the exclusive English language publisher of these games.  Mayfair will premiere the games at Gen Con this week, with trade release following soon after.

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Saboteur is a hand management card game designed by Frederic Moyersoen (Nuns on the Run). Players are dwarves digging for gold in a maze of mining tunnels. Some of the miners are trying to sabotage the others, causing cave-ins, breaking lanterns, and breaking tools to try to steal the gold.  The dwarf who acquires the most gold nuggets wins.

The box contains 44 path cards, 27 action cards, 28 gold nugget cards, 7 gold miner cards,4 saboteur cards, and rules. The game is for3 - 10 players, ages 8 and up, and plays in 30 minutes. MSRP is $13.00.

Frederic Moyersoen’s Saboteur 2 expansion brings the mining dwarves back for a second round, and expands the game to include up to 12 players. This time, the dwarves are divided into two competing groups, and the characters have personality specializations: the boss tries to help both groups, the profiteer deals with everyone, and the geologists hunt crystals rather than gold.

The box contains 15 personality cards,32 gold nuggets, 21 action cards, 30 path cards, and rules. The game is for 2 - 12 players, ages 8 and up, and plays in 30 minutes. As an expansion, it requires a copy of the base game to play.  MSRP is $13.00.

6 Nimmt! is a hand-management card game designed by Wolfgang Kramer (El Grande, Tikal, Colosseum). The goal is to score as few points as possible.  Players start with 10 cards, ranked between 1 and 104. Each round the player must add a card to one of 4 active rows, but if they play the 6th card on that row, they must take the first 5 cards from the pile. The player gets penalty points for each bull head on these cards. The player with the least bull heads wins.

The box contains 104 cards, and rules.  The game is for 2-10 players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 45 minutes.  MSRP is $13.00.

No Thanks! is a bidding and set collection game designed by Thorsten Gimmler (The Thief of Baghdad, Aton). The goal is to have the lowest score by the end of the game. Players have two options on their turn: take the current face-up card and flip over a new one, or add a chip to the pile. If a player takes the face-up card, they can also take the pool of chips. However, the number on the card adds to the player’s score unless it is part of a run, in which case only the lowest value card counts towards that player’s final score. The chips count as -1 each to the score at the end to the game.

The box contains 33 cards, 55 chips and rules.  The game is for 3 - 7 players, ages 8 and up, and plays in 20 minutes. MSRP is $13.00.