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At Gen Con, ICv2 spoke with Cryptozoic Entertainment’s National Sales Coordinator Ryan Skinner about the company’s upcoming releases for Adventure Time Card Wars, as well as new Cartoon Network licensed game projects based on Super Secret Crisis War and Rick and Morty.

Cryptozoic will release its fifth Collector’s Pack for Adventure Time Card Wars soon (see “'Lemongrab vs. Gunter' Joins 'Adventure Time Card Wars'”), and the sixth one, featuring Fionna & Cake will release early in 2016. Skinner also teased another Adventure Time project on the horizon. “It’s Card Wars-related, but I can’t divulge any details on that yet but it’s definitely a little bigger than the current Card Wars property.  Some exciting stuff that’s being worked on between us and Cartoon Network.”

Cryptozoic's 'Dweeb' mug
There is an organized play kit in the works for Adventure Time Card Wars as well. “Once we get that all finalized, the kit will consist of one of each mug for winner and second place [Cool Guy and Dweeb], and then a pack of foil ‘Floop the Pig’ promo cards, I believe. Those will be for participation for anyone who plays in a tournament,” Skinner said. “When Lemon Grab vs. Gunter releases we’ll then probably follow that up with OP.  We’re also giving these out at the events [like] Origins, and Gen Con. Anytime anyone plays in one of our organized tournaments at a convention, they’ll also have mugs to win. “

IDW's 'Super Secret Crisis War' comic
Cryptozoic is also planning a new Cartoon Network series crossover deck-building game similar to the 2014 IDW Publishing comic miniseries Super Secret Crisis War (see “ IDW's CN Crossover: 'Super Secret Crisis War'”). “That’s basically what we’re doing as a Cerberus [engine] deck-builder,” Skinner explained. ” We bring a bunch of shows into the deck-building game, just like the DC engine and all the others, and it’ll play very similarly. It’ll probably follow the same hero motifs.  It’ll have heroes, villains, and equipment theming.  Since superpowers will be a theme, people, if they’re so inclined, can take this game and mash it together with DC and any other heroes-based Cerberus game. “

There is also a Rick and Morty party game in the works, based on the Adult Swim cartoon show.  “That one is going to be definitely skewed toward a mature audience. In its current iteration (still in development) it has a dice matching mechanic: rolling your dice, trying to get the right numbers and modifying your dice through cards. The theme is framed around the meseeks from the episode where you spot meseeks and they help you with a problem. When they solve the problem, it goes away. The catch is if your meseeks do not complete the problem for you, then you go into a dare phase. There’s a deck of dare cards and you get all kinds of crazy stuff some of which is themed to the show.  Some are really over-the-top 18-and-older type of stuff.”

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