Independent publisher Locust Moon Press has partnered with the Philadelphia Museum of Art to produce Prometheus Eternal, a one-shot comic collection in conjunction with the museum’s new The Wrath of the Gods exhibit. The collection, inspired by Peter Paul Rubens’ Prometheus Bound painting, features work by Bill Sienkieiwicz, Grant Morrison, David Mack, Dave McKean and Paul Pope among others.

The 26-page Prometheus Eternal collection includes six short stories adapting the Prometheus myth through the lens of the Rubens' painting.  The collection includes stories by Grant Morrison and Farel Dalrymple, Dave McKean, Andrea Sturumi, David Mack, Josh O’Neill and Lisk Feng, and James Comey. The collection also features two Prometheus illustrations by Paul Pope and Yuko Shimizu. Covers are provided by Bill Sienkiewicz. The comic will be on sale at the museum during the exhibition (beginning in September), and will be released for direct market sale in December (available for preorder from Diamond beginning in October).  MSRP is $6.00.

Rubens' 'Prometheus Eternal'
The Philadelphia Museum of Art ‘s The Wrath of the Gods: Masterpieces by Rubens, Michelangelo, and Titian includes Ruben’s Prometheus Bound,  Michelangelo’s famous drawing of the Titan Tityus loaned from the British Royal Collection, and Titian’s Tityus painting loaned from the Museo del Prado. The comic collection is included as an exhibition piece alongside the famous paintings.  “A laminated copy of the book will be on a shelf as an item in the exhibition, for visitors to look at, with a print of Bill Sienkieiwicz's cover and an explanation of the project hanging behind it,” Locust Moon Press Publisher Josh O’Neill told ICv2.  The exhibition runs from September 12 - December 6.

Locust Moon Press is the publisher behind last year’s multiple Eisner Award winning Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream anthology (see “'Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream'”).