American Mythology Productions has announced a new series of comics based on The Three Stooges, with plans to launch the series in March 2016.

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American Mythology licensed the property from C3 Entertainment Inc. and plans to release a five or six issue series, with each issue containing two or three original short stories. Prior to the comic’s publication, the company plans to release a series of limited edition lithographs and prints of artwork created for the series later this year.

“The Three Stooges are the embodiment of the spirit of American Mythology and we are determined to create new and original stories that pay homage to the legacy of a true entertainment legend,” said American Mythology Productions Publisher Michael Bornstein.

The classic vaudevillian and slapstick comedy ensemble was the subject of many short films, some of which still run in TV syndication today. The Stooges have been the subject of numerous licensed adaptations, including cartoons and a recent feature film by The Farrelly brothers (see “New 'Three Stooges' Trailer”).

Comic book adaptations have been around since 1949 (with numerous reprints over the years) and more recently, a series of graphic novels from Papercutz, written by Jim Salicrup and George Galdir, with art by Stan Goldberg.