The long-delayed Uncanny X-Men #600, originally scheduled to ship in May, will street on November 4.  The book was delayed until October because of delays in the release of Secret Wars (see "Marvel Teases Post-‘Secret Wars’ MU"), then pushed back another month.

Secret Wars-related delays were snowballing by early June (see "Marvel Delays Hit Collections, ‘Secret Wars’"), and by last month appeared to have been affecting the dollars in the market (see “Are Marvel Delays Affecting Market?").

Writer Brian Michael Bendis recently responded to a question about the issue on his Tumblr.  "First of all, I am not the publisher or the editor.  I am the writer.  I do not dictate shipping.  I wish the book was out last June.  That's the truth.  I wish Secret Wars shipped on time and I wish all the books that I have connected to it shipped on time as well.  Out of my hands."  Bendis then listed books that were complete but delayed, including Old Man Logan, Ultimate End, Uncanny X-Men #600, and Spider-Man #1.

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