The Great Place to Work Institute and have named the 100 Best Workplaces for Women in the U.S., and CCG retailer/marketplace was #73 on the list.  

The list, recognizing companies where women can succeed, was compiled based on responses from over 135,000 women and 600 companies.

Chedy Hampson, CEO of the 70-employee company, described his reaction.  “Since the foundation of, we have worked hard to create a fun, inclusive and enriching work environment for all of our employees, so this recognition is very meaningful for us,” he said.

TCGPlayer is the largest online marketplace of collectible card games and singles; it began consolidating shipping for retailers listing on its site last year (see “TCGPlayer to Consolidate Retailer Shipping”).

Convention and event ticketing platform Eventbrite was the only other company with geek culture connections we spotted on the Top 100 list.