Black Clover
New York Comic Con News: VIZ Media announced several new manga acquisitions debuting in 2016: Monster Hunter, Black Clover, 7th Garden, Yona of the Dawn, Everyone’s Getting Married, Kuroko’s Basketball and Haikyu!!.

The Shonen Jump hit series Black Clover is a fantasy action-adventure about a boy named Asta who wishes to become the greatest mage in his kingdom. However, Asta can’t do magic, but he receives a rare five-leaf clover Grimoire which gives him the power of anti-magic.  The (T) rated series is due in Summer 2016.

7th Garden
Mitsu Izumi’s 7th Garden is a series about a human caught in the war between angels and demons.  The series is rated (T+) and will debut in Summer 2016.

Monster Hunter, based on the series of fantasy-themed action roleplaying video games by Capcom, will debut in Spring 2016. The (T)series follows the special monster hunters who dispatch the terrors of humanity.

Yona of the Dawn
Two shojo series will also arrive next summer, the fantasy adventure series Yona of the Dawn (T), and Everyone’s Getting Married by Izumi Miyazono (M).

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Kuroko's Basketball
VIZ also plans to release two sports-related series for summer: the high school volleyball manga Haikyu!! (T), and Kuroko’s Basketball (T) in 2-in-1 editions.

VIZ announced Blanc et Noir: Takeshi Obata,  Goodnight Punpun, and The Heiress and Chauffeur for spring release earlier this year (see “VIZ Media Announces 3 Titles for 2016”). VIZ’s Perfect Square imprint will release the art book The Art of Magic: The Gathering--Zendikar in January (see “'The Art of Magic: The Gathering--Zendikar'”).