LNL Partners and Panelfly (not “Panfly” as reported by Deadline) have announced a deal with William Shatner for a cinematic graphic novel (CGN) imprint, Shatner Singularity, which will feature a new Stan Lee graphic novel as one of its initial releases.

LNL, Panelfly, and Shatner partnered on  an adaptation of Shatner’s 1996 hardboiled sci-fi novel Man o’ War  earlier this year, funded by  an Indiegogo campaign in April.  The initial lineup of titles for the “Shatner Singularity” imprint will include a new graphic novel by Stan Lee. The full lineup will be revealed during a panel at Stan Lee Comikaze 2015 on November 1.

LNL Partners’ Mariano Nicieza told ICv2 the company plans to release high-end, hardcover print editions in mid- to late-2016, similar to what Nicieza helped produce for the “Marvel Limited” line in the 1990s.

The CGN format was jointly developed by LNL and Panelfly, and the digital format combines moving panels, dimensional animation, in-story sound effects and a music soundtrack for an enhanced reading experience. LNL Partners was founded in 2013, and includes comics publisher Nicieza, Disney digital artist/editor Gary Laird, and music and audio producer Scott Liggett.  Panelfly was one of several digital comics companies (including comiXology) that launched in 2009 (see “Top 10 Comics Business Events of 2009”).