Dark Horse Comics has partnered with China's Le Vision to adapt six popular Chinese graphic novels, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The graphic novels will first be adapted into English-language versions which can then be used for feature film adaptation.

The six titles include:

  • P.A.I.U. – Paranormal Activity Investigation Unit
  • The Path to Immortality
  • The Descendants of Straw Mountain
  • Gods of China
  • The Naughty Queen
  • Magical Days

Dark Horse has been adapting Asian comics material for American readers for decades; it was one of the first American manga publishers.  

Dark Horse also has an established history of bridging the world from comics to movies and back. Licensed titles like Aliens and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have long been a part of Dark Horse's bread and butter (see "Dark Horse Round-Up"). On the other side of the equation, Dark Horse comics like Sin City, Hellboy, Tank Girl, and 300 have been adapted into films (see "'300' Sequel Skewers the Box Office"). These successes were a large part of the genesis of the deal according to Le Vision CEO Zhang Zhao.

"Dark Horse's success in developing intellectual properties, coupled with Le Vision Pictures' unmatched skill will make a formidable partnership," said Zhao. "Comics and graphic novels are lucrative and sought after IP for film franchises, so taking a stake in this massive industry is a strategic investment for Le Vision."

Digital editions of the six Chinese titles of the deal have had more than 400 million "hits," according to the report. Le Vision is one of the largest studios in China. Currently they are in production with Legendary East and Universal Pictures on The Great Wall, Zhang Yimou's newest picture, starring Matt Damon, in the largest U.S.-Chinese production venture to date.