New playing options will be added to Mantic Games’ Kings of War with the release of the Destiny of Kings campaign book and the new Forces of the Abyss Mega Force and Starter Force, as well as individual models featuring the “Army of the Abyss,” in February.

The Destiny of Kings will be a 64-page softcover book that chronicles the campaigns of the necromancer Mortibris against the Elves.  It will feature a number of new linked scenarios for players to play, following the course of Mortribris’ story.  Also inside will be a new Dungeon Saga scenario, six independent scenarios, and rules for new heroes in the game, including Mortibris himself, Ba’el, and Velendor.  MSRP is $24.99.

Demonic forces can also be added to the game with the Forces of the Abyss miniatures.

The massive Forces of the Abyss Mega Force will include 60 Flamebearers, 40 Succubi, 6 Molochs, 2 Efreet, a “horde” of Imps, an Abyssal Champion, and—exclusively to this set until their individual release late in 2016—3 Tortured Souls.  MSRP is $174.99.

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The smaller Forces of the Abyss Starter Force will feature 50 Flamebearers, 20 Succubi, 3 Molochs, and Imps.  MSRP is $79.99.

A number of Abyssal models and units will also be available separately.

All models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.  Sets include a mix of metal and plastic components.

The new rules and the Abyssal forces will be featured in Mantic’s OP events scheduled for next summer.  Mantic announced its new OP program last month (see “OP For ‘Kings of War’ And ‘Dreadball’”).